VPN4All Vs UltraSurf Pros And Cons

Wed 08 February 2017


VPN4ALL Review

VPN4ALL is a master of virtual private network technology, encrypting your entire Internet data/traffic as soon as it leaves your computer up till the moment it arrives at the requested destination point. VPN4ALL is a secure pass-through for all your traffic, guaranteeing complete privacy and confidentiality while travelling through VPN safeguarded gateways and servers. Additional secure level of privacy to your Internet connection is a way to protect your online identity against trackers. VPN4ALL virtual private network allows a variety of users to communicate through secured channels, safely transferring data between two computers or a group of computers. VPN4ALL builds virtual firewalls that provide a secure barrier and safeguard your connection. VPN4ALL guarantees anonymous web browsing and prevents government control blocking.

VPN4ALL offers both unlimited and metered VPN plans. Metered plans are different for mobile devices and computers, offering 5GB of monthly traffic for mobile devices and 50 GB of monthly traffic for Windows and MAC OS X. For heavy downloading and streaming, you can make use of unlimited VPN packages.

5 GB per month (mobile devices) – 5.95$

50 GB per month (Windows, MAC OS X) – 9.95$

Unlimited plans – $16.95-19.95 (Windows, MAC)

You can also make use of quarterly, semi-annually or annually discounts

VPN4ALL server networks cover basically the entire globe. Servers in the United States are stationed in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Jose, Tampa, and Phoenix. In the United Kingdom, VPN44ALL has servers in London, Manchester, Kirkcaldy and Leeds.

There are also servers located in

The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland

Portugal, Russia, Spain, Seychelles

Romania, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania

Hong Kong, Ireland, Denmark, Estonia,

Germany, Finland, France, Belgium

Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Czech, Canada

VPN4ALL supports OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. VPN4ALL networks include over 1000 IP addresses, allowing users easy server switching at no additional charge. Each account has a fixes user IP, which you can use around the entire globe. In addition, users are entitled to dynamic shared IP support.

Customer Support
VPN4ALL offers email and live chat support 24/7. Each user is entitled to responsive reliable support, high-class security, confidential Privacy Policy, and reasonable return Policy. Technical support is subdivided into level 1 and level 2 classes, each doing their best to offer relevant assistance within 24 hours of receiving a request. Level 1 support deals with technical and pre-sales issues, while all other requests are redirected to level 2 support.

Money Back
VPN4ALL offers its clients a risk-free return policy. download ultrasurf You can cancel your current plan and request a refund within the first month, provided you used less than 100 MB of bandwidth.

VPN4ALL doe not restrict or limit traffic in any way, offering you full, unlimited bandwidth capabilities. No interruption during streaming or downloading! With capabilities like that, you can stream, download, browse, share – that is, work, play, shop or even bank online!

The majority of VPN4ALL servers reside on Tier-1 networks, operating 100MB-1GB per second ports, which allows broad traffic that is  not in any way reduced in speed. The bandwidth of an average monthly plan varies from 50GB up to unlimited bandwidth, with no limits whatsoever. VPN4ALL offers plenty of RAM, gigabyte ports, as well as PCI compatible servers, operating a secure network safeguarded by anti-malware and Cisco Firewalls.

Supported Devices
VPN4ALL works basically on any device that runs on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. VPN4ALL uses military encryption (AES – 256 RSA 2096 bit), which makes it safeguarded walls impossible to break. Their complex encryption protects users’ connections from all potential peers, government blocks and other computer’s ISP.

Supported OS
VPN4ALL is fully compatible with all platforms and browsers, including Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Its 100 VPN servers are located in 27 counties, each of the servers offering total anti-virus protection, anti-spam security, and firewalls that work.


Free Trial
New members can try out a free trial version for Windows and MAC OSX, without the need to register your credit/debit card. Free versions offer 100 MB of service via email. No billing info is required to set up a trail account. You can install VPN4ALL on an unlimited number of devices and enjoy free unsupervised traffic both from your desktop computers and mobile devices. Like any trial version, VPN4ALL trial accounts are available for a limited time. Once you open an account, you will receive a VPN download for a full activation. It is easy to switch your plan any time you like, since VPN4ALL does not force you to any long-term contracts or commitments.

Payment Options
VPN4ALL supports following payment providers:

American Express
Alert Pay

Important Facts

VPN4ALL offers users a reliable connection that block out your true IP address and allows you to browse the web freely and securely. Unlike unprotected IPs that are often being tracked, VPN4ALL servers guarantee you maximum level of anonymity and security. Any time you connect from a VPN4ALL server, only your VPN IP is being traced, not your actual IP. If you connect from a mobile device, you can stay confident that your passwords and other important data will be totally protected from hackers and other ‘sniffers’.

Finally, you will never experience any government control issues while travelling. No matter where you are, there are will be no browsing restrictions and limitations with VPN4ALL. As you may already know, a lot of countries have restrictions that limit your web surfing capabilities. This is why VPN4ALL can prove really handy on a mobile device when you are abroad. Ti will guarantee free access to any online source or database.


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