Plus Size Shapewear

Tue 14 February 2017

Shapewear has been in trend since a very long time. Earlier women were tightly tied to corsets in order to get a slimmer look and to keep their waistline in shape but with the change in trends and technology the face of intimate apparel industry has immensely transformed. With the ongoing changes in the overall apparel industry, new names and definitions have emerged for undergarments. One of the popular names is shapewear. Shapewear is an undergarment which makes you look much slimmer than you actually are. In other words it is a tool to re shape your body temporarily most suitable for slightly healthy and obese individuals, an advanced adaptation of body slimming garment. Plus size shapewear are designed keeping in mind both the comfort and efficacy of the garment. Plus size shapewear are meant to shape up almost all the prominent parts of your body like legs, thighs, upper arms, waist, breasts and abdomen. There are variety of plus size shapewear available in market today. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get one which fits exactly to the measurement of your body It is advisable to get your measurements done in advance before purchasing a plus size shapewear. Instead of enhancing your appearance incorrect measurements can spoil your looks. So getting the correct measurements is the first step in reshaping your body by wearing a plus size shapewear.

Next important thing before selecting a plus size shapewear is to select according to the level of control you wish to have in your garment. A plus size shapewear of your measurement will give you more support and control as compared to a size smaller or larger than your own fit.

Fabric plays a significant role in the manufacturing of undergarments. Hence it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the fabric used in your plus size shapewear. Cotton is considered as the best fabric for any type of garment as it allows the attire to breathe through free flow of air. Cotton absorbs sweat and helps prevent skin infections besides being cool and comfortable.

With plus size shapewear you don't need to worry about what kind of dresses you need to wear with it. You are free to wear slim fit dresses which are comfortable but not too tight. The best thing about plus size shapewear is that it make all the bumps appear flat.

If you are using plus size shapewear for the first time, it is better to try it more than once to make sure it fits you properly. Move your body in every possible direction like bending, sitting, walking, stretching and turning to get the real feel of the garment. A wise decision would be to select a plus size shapewear having moderate or light control allowing yourself to get used to it. For first time wearers light control will provide more comfort. Experienced wearers may select plus size shapewear of tight control as it gives much more slimming effect on specifically targeted areas of your body. The effect is also long lasting. Here you should remember one important thing that shapewear are meant to provide a good shape to your body and not to cause any discomfort. So be very careful in the selection of plus size shapewear and its use. Beauty at the cost of health is stupidity.

By Jerrell Hodson, Category: misc